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Friday, October 3, 2008

What inspires me to create

This dress was inspired by a sexy and sensual look. The black on the dress is leather, which gives more creativeness to the piece. The fine lines you see at the bottom are the lace trim at the edges of the dress. On the left is the back of the of the dress and to the right is the front view.

I acually created this dress today. This is stretch out of my comfort zone because I usually stay on the simple, modern side of the meter. I see this as a classic old-fashioned type piece that could be accessorized with a simple adding of black leather gloves. This would give more focus to the background behind the design.

If my piece was to walk down the runway I would create a perfect feel to the intensity of the dress. I would have pearls around the necks of the necks of the models. With the touch of dark red lipstick to give off a more past experience. The hair off my models would be deep fingerwaves.


lindseybrown2008 said...

This is so chic! I wish I had a cocktail party to go to so I could wear a dress like this. =) The gloves add the perfect touch, and I like how you described sending it down the runway.

Professor Sanghvi said...

I agree with lindsey, you obviously have put quite a bit of thought into this dress and the accessories and how it would look as a complete outfit.

This is good work. I like the idea of the combination of lace and leather - if you can make it work - it will look either super fabulous or super trashy.