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Friday, September 26, 2008

Ethnical Fashion

Ethnical Fashion surrounds the world today due to the many different varieties of cultural backgounds, the environment surrounding them. When times in the world went through drastic changes clothing style began to evolve. The cultural changes that took effect were the more active livestyles of the men and women.

With every cultural background comes a different fashion trend or style. Religion may aslo be included in the creation of ethnical clothing. Even though some may have different beliefs clothing is still created for comfort depending on the climate. The main reason there are changes in our society today, is because designers expand there searches to different countries to see what fits the surroundings in the environment.

Diversity in the world creates many different aspects of clothing. For example, If a designer came from a African background and lived in Africa they would observe their country and bring back these designs that will be revealed to the world.