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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Guest Lecturer

In my opinion she was the best guest lecturer we had in our class. She kept the class interested and got us involved as a whole. Our last lecturer was quite different because she basically just talked about her life after she said "enough about me". Our guest got through her whole presentation with time to spare for questions. I feel the class could relate to her because she was not far from our ages and she was truthful about her situations and gave us graeat information.

She included her life into her presentation and showed us her items that she made herself. She also told us that she was a beginner in the sewing but she still let the class in on her mistakes. This shows us that you can still go far in life with few mistakes, mistakes just make better. I like the fact that in away she felt what the audience thought about the knitting. Usually it is for old people is what some think but she also showed how some fabrics are decorative and colorful. Bright colors and pretty patterns appeal to a younger audience.