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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Guest Lecturer

In my opinion she was the best guest lecturer we had in our class. She kept the class interested and got us involved as a whole. Our last lecturer was quite different because she basically just talked about her life after she said "enough about me". Our guest got through her whole presentation with time to spare for questions. I feel the class could relate to her because she was not far from our ages and she was truthful about her situations and gave us graeat information.

She included her life into her presentation and showed us her items that she made herself. She also told us that she was a beginner in the sewing but she still let the class in on her mistakes. This shows us that you can still go far in life with few mistakes, mistakes just make better. I like the fact that in away she felt what the audience thought about the knitting. Usually it is for old people is what some think but she also showed how some fabrics are decorative and colorful. Bright colors and pretty patterns appeal to a younger audience.

Friday, October 3, 2008

What inspires me to create

This dress was inspired by a sexy and sensual look. The black on the dress is leather, which gives more creativeness to the piece. The fine lines you see at the bottom are the lace trim at the edges of the dress. On the left is the back of the of the dress and to the right is the front view.

I acually created this dress today. This is stretch out of my comfort zone because I usually stay on the simple, modern side of the meter. I see this as a classic old-fashioned type piece that could be accessorized with a simple adding of black leather gloves. This would give more focus to the background behind the design.

If my piece was to walk down the runway I would create a perfect feel to the intensity of the dress. I would have pearls around the necks of the necks of the models. With the touch of dark red lipstick to give off a more past experience. The hair off my models would be deep fingerwaves.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Ethnical Fashion

Ethnical Fashion surrounds the world today due to the many different varieties of cultural backgounds, the environment surrounding them. When times in the world went through drastic changes clothing style began to evolve. The cultural changes that took effect were the more active livestyles of the men and women.

With every cultural background comes a different fashion trend or style. Religion may aslo be included in the creation of ethnical clothing. Even though some may have different beliefs clothing is still created for comfort depending on the climate. The main reason there are changes in our society today, is because designers expand there searches to different countries to see what fits the surroundings in the environment.

Diversity in the world creates many different aspects of clothing. For example, If a designer came from a African background and lived in Africa they would observe their country and bring back these designs that will be revealed to the world.

Friday, September 19, 2008

7 days of N.Y fashion

DKNY fashion week in above box!!!

New York fashion week is a time to illustrate and prove to the world what the fashion indusrty has to offer. There are hundreds of designers who come out and present their collections of clothes to the world. Each individual has a variety of styles to expose. The designers that influenced me in the 2009 Fashion Week collection are Rock & Republic, and DKNY.

Rock & Republic collection is a simple style but is set off by its darkness. As me being a simple type of person this collection really catches my eye. The clothing look is very conservative but with a sheek look that appeals to a younger audience. Some may think that with such a straightforward clothing line it wouldn appear to be plain but it goes into greater detail. The clothing is form fitting with an edgey knee high appearence.

Another line that was in the 2009 collection was DKNY, "Everything I do is a matter of heart, body and soul," says Donna Karan. Mrs. Karan's collection represents beauty, which is shown through her sensual and visual beliefs. Her clothing style cool, calm, and relaxed. This is also on the more edgy style than those of the old-fashioned content. The line is something that can be worn on a day to day basis. It accentuates the body in a way that it doesnt have to be form fitting jus to be sexy. The clothing gives you the experience of freedom in movement.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nature is Your Friend

Linda Loudermilk

Linda Loudermilk is eco-friendly deisgner who feels that if you "Domesticate the land: Thresh it, pave it, put up stoplights and call it Sunset Boulevard; nature knows better than all that."(Linda Loudermilk). She is inspired to keep nature at its fullest by not destroying our Earth. Being environmental friendly is important to the earth as well as us. It keeps our surroundings looking presentable and well kept. To save our world we must do whats best for it. So with this one of many eco-friendly designers we can help our environment.

Monday, September 1, 2008

My inspirational designer

My inspiration in the fashion industry is the director and president of Baby Phat fashions Kimora Lee Simmons. She is a strong-minded women that strives hard for success. She raises her two kids Ming Lee and Aoki Lee and still keeps up with her fashion career. Once a model for Chanel of Paris, She now solely focuses on the well being of her kids and Baby Phat Fashions. She started her career at a young age of fourteen and now has her own show, has modeled, hosted a television show, and acted. She represents a hard working women that knows how to manage her business as well as her family. The designs Kimora Simmons presents are those of confident women who want to show their figures. She has came so far in life, she was given the opportunity to do something big and has expanded that into something huge. When I become a fashion designer I want to have a career close to that of Kimora Simmons. I would love to have a family and also pursue my dreams in life.http://http//www.youtube.com/watch?v=sap5sgAUEQY